Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Alone In The Rain

Category: Poetry/Lyrics

I slept only a moment last night
But when i dreamed
I dreamt of you
You were dressed so simply
That i barely recognised you
But you said
What did you say?
You said
You said-
I don’t love you
I never will

Hurt like a fresh kind of pain
But then i heard it
Then i heard it again
And then?
Then came the rain

Why don’t you go?
Fall in his arms
I’ll wait here
Under the clouds
This weather-
For you
Sitting alone in
Warm summer rain
Fall in out of love
I’ll be here again
Wasting away
Words like pain
Wasting away
In suburban decay
Racing away
Never again

No one knows
I’m depressed
Behind my plastic veil
Impeccably dressed
Put to the test
Remarkably stressed
Head’s in a mess
Couldn’t care any less

Bring on the rain
Show me the rain
Gone is the pain
Are you so inane?
It’s further ingrained
Bring on the rain

If you remember again
I can’t quite see
How you could make such a fool
A fool from what
You failed to care about me
Sculpt a fool from neglected plastic

Words are synthetic
You’re just that pathetic
Fall to the one who loves you at nights
I can’t even see through your cold plastic eyes
I’ll tell you whatever to get in your thighs
I can’t even see through your old drastic lies
I still don’t believe that for you i’d have cried
Though it seems now it has happened tonight

Don’t even care how you fall for that stuff
Stay with me tonight
That fake plastic fuck
I think you’re alright
You think I’m okay?
Okay in every way
I think you’re insane