Friday, September 23, 2005

An open letter to Google about Advertising


Dear Google,

Before I go ahead and implement this, I wanted to make sure Google wouldn’t be harmed by it.

In your terms of service for AdSense, I have agreed not to create improper click-throughs.  So the question comes up about what’s a proper clickthrough.  The idea I’m considering will probably prove quite beneficial for most advertisers, but may have a negative impact for a few.  Here it is:

My site offers cash prizes for good writing and for accurate ranking.  If the good writing were reviews of “Ads seen on the site,” then anyone willing to participate would start clicking a lot more ads in order to post a review.  Would these clicks be legitimate?

Clickthroughs generally mean that a viewer is at least curious.  If that viewer has this extra reason to click an ad, it means that they’re willing to put some work into reviewing what the ad has to offer.  That’s my argument and I think Google will agree.  If I don’t receive a reply within one week, I’ll assume my plans are kosher with Google.

Dave Scotese.