Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ana’s Soliloquy

Category: Poetry/Lyrics

You shiver, chill outcast, so sad.

     Let me in
          and then
     You’ll not be alone

No friend so staunch, lover so loyal
                    as I
I’ll show you truths others deny
With my seductive lullaby

I will mould you beautifully
     Yes, I can make you strong

We’ll carve a space where you’ll belong

                                       Sit straight!
                                       Don’t cry!
                                       Focus on me,
                                       don’t let them see
This liquid mirror
that shimmers
        and distorts.

Don’t you want
to be that river,
        light, flowing and free?
Shed temporal falsities,
          twist along that breeze?

I can grant
           sweet purity!

By that mirror sit and wait
for angels, destiny or fate

        I’m there behind the glass, always

                        your friend and teacher
                    conscience, lover,

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