Saturday, October 27, 2012

And Then We’ll See

Category: Poetry/Lyrics

Does the past ever spring up on you?
In little tidbits and broken flashes
In random pictures you view
Does it ever speak up and stir some ashes?
Do you ever come across
A dormant fireplace
That suddenly sparks a few brigth embers
Of Yesterday?
Do you remember the broken pictures
Or do you shy away?
Do you try to make some sense
Of your present and future?
Do these hidden gems
Speak of tomorrow?
Or are they simply the dying flutters
Of a broken arrow?
Did you once upon a time
Aim upon something
That was made irrelevant
By your current being?
The Beatles said that Yesterday
Seemed so very far away
But are our thoughts of tomorrow
Overcast by an ancient shadow?
Or is the thought of what is to come
Just an excuse to visit what is gone?
I am told that happiness lies in the present
That we make our life what we want
But how can I dismiss every little thing
That made me who I am - and which should I bring
To this promising future y’all talk about
Like it’s not the past of my future self
Like it won’t just repeat itself
in the years yet to come?
I think past, present and future
Are just a big fucking mess
And whatever I was, or am or will be
Is just another great mystery
I was, I am and I will be
Until I’m not - and then we’ll see.

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