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One Time (Anecdotes)

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There was this one time when John was really little, and he threw a ball up in the air, high up in the sky, and the ball…
never came down!!!

Another time, much later, he ate a lot of mushrooms for three weeks and also had the hiccups for the same three weeks.  He could not be bothered to take steps to get rid of them, I guess.  Eventually they ran out of mushrooms.  John did not have the hiccups when I met him.

Rob told me that his earliest memory was being in his crib and playing with brown stuff which later (much later) turned out to have been poo.  He said it was a beautiful warm sunny day and that he still felt good about it.

I remember being old enough to walk and grab things, and stealing some plastic butterflies at a supermarket and getting caught.  I held the package behind my back and had a sinking feeling, which remains familiar, as three adults (my parents and the lady who worked there) confronted me.  They looked like something in a cowboy movie.
Mike says he went for a long walk down into a gully in the middle of nowhere with a girlfriend, and when they got there, there was a supermarket shopping cart lying up-ended and buried in the dirt, as if it had been there for years.  Mike figures the aliens did it.  He did not investigate further because of the possible alien connection.

Another time, Mike was stoned on acid and could see all the pieces of paper and plastic that people had left lying around in the woods, glowing in the dark.  It was night, so everything that wasn’t a natural part of the forest glowed.  When he went back the next day, no longer (as?) stoned, he found all the pieces of paper and plastic where he’d thought he’d seen them.

One time, I was camping with John and some other people, and I went to the campsite outhouse to pee.  When I peed, I heard grunting and squealing noises coming from the bottom of the outhouse underneath me.  I peered into the hole but couldn’t see anything.  I went back to the campsite and reported that some animal was stuck in the bottom of the hole in the outhouse.  I wanted to save it, but we were supposed to be leaving right away and nobody wanted to get into it, so we left. 

Lorne says that he and Clay once decided to ride horses to Mexico, so they set out on stolen horses to ride from somewhere around Calgary. But they did not make it to the Montana border.  I can’t remember but I think they just quit.  Another time, Lorne was in a Zodiak with some other people, in the ocean, trying to smuggle marijuana or something between the US and B.C., and some killer whales surfaced all around them and peered at them.  It was very dark, and the killer whales looked at the people and the people looked at the killer whales.  Nothing happened.  If you mention whales to Lorne, he will tell you about it.

One time when John and I were living in Vancouver, this guy we knew not very well phoned up and asked to speak to John.  John agreed to lend him $100 and then handed me the phone back.  To the guy, I said, “Why didn’t you ask ME?” He said, “You would have said no.”

He came and got the money.  A week later we heard that he was dead.  It’s true, I would have said no. 

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