Thursday, September 17, 2009

Autumn Concerto

Category: Issue 17

Sheaves of garnered, golden grain
in neat stooks dot the field like
tiny wigwams and in the far distance
tendrils of bonfire smoke scribble
lazily on blue paper, writing sheet music
for the coming harvest festival.

Crisp amber and russet leaves tumble
through the balmy air, borne on
a gentle breeze, waltzing to the
languid tune - till suddenly a playful gust
raises the tempo as it whistles through
defenceless trees disrobing their branches,
urging more and more bright colours to join in
with the impromptu Autumn Concerto.

In scherzo time the rainbow chorus line
skitters and scatters across hedgerows
and tap dances down deserted country
lanes accompanied impishly by the
capricious breeze, while curious cows
turn gentle heads to watch with limpid
eyes and softly low their given lines.

All the long day while Nature frolics,
her abundant fruits, ripened and lush,
embellish the euphony with their
intoxicating sights and scents.