Sunday, July 07, 2019

Awaken The Giant Within Book Review (Download Free)

Place: 10th place in Nonfiction

I’m damn sure about your hard try to improve yourself if you’re reading the review of a wonderful book “Awaken the Giant Within” by the best life coach Tony Robbins.
I consider Tony Robbins as a teacher because with his book “Awaken the Giant Within”,  he taught me why should I keep struggling and what can I achieve.
Yes, it’s true.
In the book, first, he teaches us about the possibilities and impossibilities of our life.
Which things do you think are possible? And which ones are impossible for you?
Did you ever think about it? If no, then by the help of this amazing book, you will definitely reconsider your approach about the possibilities and impossibilities of life.
After reading the book, you will realize that whatever you can visualize you can achieve it.
After that, Tong Robbins has a long debate on power of decision.
Let me tell you the sentence that actually changed my life.
“Do you believe change can happen in an instant?”
Maybe not, as I did believe earlier.
But it’s not true.
Change can happen in a moment – a moment when you take a decision for yourself, as I myself changed my life.
I was living a life that I never wished to live.
But when I thought to change my life, I searched books on personal development and luckily read the book “Awaken the Giant Within” and it totally changed my life.
I started living a life that actually I wished to live because this book has re-coded my belief system.
I’m now sure that I can achieve my goals and its only me who can stop me doing so – and I won’t do it again.
After that, there is an amazing philosophy of pain and pleasure.
Tony Robbins believes that everything we do, we do to avoid some pain in life or for the sake of some pleasure.
He has explained it very well. Just imagine whatever you do, why do you do that? To get some pleasure?
Pleasure may be emotional satisfaction? Or to avoid some pain? Right?
But Tony Robbins in the book has wonderfully taught to use the power of this pain and pleasure.
He spells a magic by motivating you to achieve the life goals that you want to achieve in your life.
It’s possible to achieve anything if you follow the right key steps to success.
In the book, he has added some exercises to practice in life so that everyone can be successful in life.
If anyone of you follows the steps to success then I’m sure everyone can live a wonderful and peaceful life.
It’s not over, you have some other reasons to read the book.
Tony Robbins in his book “Awaken the Giant Within”, had taught some techniques and strategies to master different areas of life.
The five areas that are mentioned in the book are:
1. Emotions
2. Physical body
3. Relationships
4. Finances
5. Time

That’s why I strongly recommend everyone to read the book at least once in life so that everyone can live a satisfied and contented life. You can download it free from Tony Robbins website.