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Catch Me If You Can: The Elusive Star

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Everyone has some dream or desire to achieve success or fame, and many pursue artistic careers. In Manhattan’s theater district, the most famous theater district in the world, you’ll find many of these dreamers, starry-eyed young aspiring actors, dancers and singers, portfolio in hand, swarming the area seeking auditions in the hopes of securing that fame and fortune. Because it is such a heavily populated area, the transportation situation has been a problem for years. Cars aggressively force their way through the streets without giving any thought to pedestrians or other vehicles. There is congested traffic, there are horns honking, hostile pedestrians screaming and waving their fists, and brake’s screeching everywhere. So many people from the whole theater district discharge at the same time, like a swarm of bees, the famished theater-goers attack the nearest restaurants to find something to eat. The young aspiring dancer starts to feel like a football player, navigating the masses to find the end zone, only to be blocked by a strong singing voice and musical instruments penetrating the air. How exciting, a free show is being exhibited by striking amateur sidewalk entertainers, offering musical talent for meager donations. The masses surround the entertainers. Screeching to a stop, the young aspiring dancer drops her portfolio and opines: “Oh No! I’m late… this can’t be happening! I had such a tough time getting this far. Now what?” She slips the papers back into her portfolio sighing heavily, slumping her shoulders, staring at the ground, lost, shaken and discouraged. The STAR of fame once again eludes her. Too bad, honey, maybe next time. Let’s explore her journey.

Hurry up, hurry up, I’ve got to catch that train
Time is moving fast, I"ll miss my chance to fame.
Hey Mister give me space, or hurry up your pace.
I got a fantastic chance, to dance in a famous Broadway show..

Oh, I could make it, if you’d shake it, PLEASE get out of my way.
All this hustle and this bustle,
Is driving me crazy, WHY today.
It’s an opportunity to dance for a great company you know!

A chance to gain a fancy name
As I dance my way to fame
So I can Act like a celebrity
And live like spoiled royalty.

Move aside, who has died?
The line continues to grow long.
It’s too late, to take a taxi,
Or a helicopter, oh it’s all wrong,

I never should have stayed,
To talk with Mrs. Gray
Or brought in clothes for Mrs. Klein
Oh, I could make it, if you’d shake it, PLEASE get out of my way.

All these troubles, I’m seeing double
A Drink would be welcome on this day
OUCH, Lady, please get off my toe,
You’re not very slim or small you know!

I can see you have a healthy appetite
And please take your kid off of me,
That little monster, he just kicked my knee.
Ouch! And now I think I feel his bite.

Oh! Why do I feel, as if nothing is going my way.
Are the facts revealing, that perhaps it’s best I stay
But I’ve come so far, to reach that star,
Oh, are all my hopes in vain?

Will today’s dreams become yesterday’s?
No, I could not bear that pain.
Here it comes, oh yes, the train is pulling in,
To save my dreams again.

Maybe my luck is turning,
The Wheels of fortune I will spin
I will make it, so don’t mistake it,
Bright tomorrows I will face

No more sorrows, no need to borrow,
My star will soon shine up in space
See I told you so, what do you know?
The world is now mine to embrace.


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