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chap 2


2.Wolf detecting work


Wolfe sat at the café sipping on a coffee’. The jazz music was playing, and Wolfe had his hair slicked back. He would have been nonchalant 50 years ago, maybe, at least until you talked to him.

He was talking to Patty Albright from the 6 o’clock news. She considered her self a hard-hitting journalist. And her producers considered her a dumb blond. And jack sr. Masturbated to her each installment of the news. Wolfe and Albright were old friends. Albright got her first big time jig with interviewing Wolfe, back when Wolfe only gave interviews once in a blue moon. This was about Wolfe and Albright’s 16th interview:
-Wolfe what do you know about the killer?—Wolfe smiled.
-Well patty you know I can’t divulge that information this early in the investigation.—This is where patty shined.
-Well inspector Wolfe perhaps one of the viewers has information on the killer’s where abouts?—Wolfe looked about uneasy, and said he had to make a phone call.

Wolfe ran to the washroom and took out his cell, sat on the toilet and called the station:
-Captain I have a question.
-Yes Wolfe.—The caption said putting Wolfe on speakerphone and calling (motioning with his hand) the rest of the cops in to the office to hear the patheticness of Wolfe’s questions.
-Well cap it is this interview…
-What Wolfe I told you not to do anymore of those.—The caption said smiling at one of the younger officers that had just come in the office.
-Well it’s miss Albright.
-Have you tagged her yet?
-Well.—Wolfe smiled thinking about miss Albright’s breast bouncing the night before, when he was watching her on the news, his eyes closed and biting his lip on the sofa.-that is not what this is about captain. She is asking if I can give any description of the killer. She says that some of the viewers may know something.
-Go for it Wolfe.—The captain said, and then hung up the phone, and said to the crowd of officers.-he really thinks this is a big case. The poor fuck.—All the officers had a good laugh at Wolfe’s expense. The captain soon after put up a poster in his office that read ‘don’ believe the hype!’ No pictorial helpers, it was one of those stupid office inspiration posters.

The interview aired that night and the description of Jagger was out. The rest of the interview was really small talk. The interview at one point was small talk about the weather. News was slow that week, the president was from a country far away that had been killed, and the whole thing aired. ‘If not about here it is not really real.’—the north American public.

Wolfe did not think that the interview would blow his cover. Criminals don’t watch the news. Not killers, thought Wolfe. All killers did was read books like ‘catcher in the rye’ and the ‘zodiac killer’. Wolfe went from café’ to café’ looking for some one reading one of those books. He spoke to lots of high school kids and they acted quite defensive. It seemed that this ‘bum killer’ might be part of a deeper conspiracy, far greater than he once had thought. Wolfe’s hunches were way off, all the time.


A knock on Jagger’s door came at about 7:30. Jagger was in a good mood after watching the news, and finding out since he never had read catcher in the rye he was probably in the clear for the murder he had committed. It was Wolfe:
-Come in Wolfe.—Jagger sr. said. With a big smile, and open arms.-come in detective please.—Wolfe walked in, with jack’s pants under his arm. Wolfe evidently had gone back to his suits.-what brings you by Wolfe? I just saw you on the news. This killer. A real nut eh Wolfe?
-Yes.—Wolfe said sternly.-I am returning these pants. Sorry about the egg. Damn high school kids.—There was a lot of egg all over the ass of his pants.
-What happened?
-Just work.
-Okay.—Jack said with a chuckle of non-caring.
-Come have a beer jack.—Wolfe said.
-Sure.—Said jack. What could happen, jack thought, what could happen?

After a silent walk down to Jack’s bar Wolfe and jack sat at the bar. Jack ordered two whiskies and Wolfe ordered a club soda, and a beer. Wolfe poured half the beer into the soda, something he had been doing all of his life. It was strange and jack had never seen any on else do it. He never tried it, it was stupid really, but that was Wolfe, stupid.
-What’s up Wolfe?—Jack said. -You only go out for a drink when something is bothering you, what is it girls, that interviewer? Eh, how she in the sack?—Now you might think a police officer would get angry at that, fuck, any one would, police officer to pimp, but not Wolfe.
-That is the problem jack.
-I think I am compromising my work for her, telling her too much.
-No way Wolfe, any way…—A person at the end of the bar was reading catcher in the rye. Jack tapped Wolfe on the shoulder. -Wolfe looks at what that guy’s reading.—Wolfe looked and smiled. Got up out of his chair. Raised one finger and snuck up behind the 20 something guy reading the book. Jack smiled.
-How’s the book.—Wolfe muttered staring at the man.
-What?-the man hesitated because of the weird look Wolfe was giving.- Oh good. I have read it before, it’s good—The man turned and put his head back in the book. Wolfe looked over at jack with a smile on his face that seemed to say, ‘I got you bob.’

Wolfe grabs the man by the neck. And starts to yell:
-Listen where you on the night of august 11th? The man started saying what the fuck are you doing man, what the fuck I do wrong with you?—The bartender (Tommy_) looked at jack.
-Jack what is your cop friend doing in this bar? We can’t have this in the bar.
-Let him be Tommy. He is working. He is a good cop.—Wolfe starts shoving the man’s face in to the bar and yelling ‘where were you where were you?!?!’ Jack stands up and says:
-Call the cops. Tommy, call the cops.—Tommy was already dialing when jack said this.




















3.Not to forget


Jack did not hear or see Wolfe for a while after that. The bar business was slow. It was getting cold. There was no tourist population any more. The sad music blurred out in the bar old blues kings like bb king and gg Allen. Jack sr. sits behind the bar most nights reading crime mystery novels, and books about anger management for dummies.

The kid that Wolfe had beaten up had sued the Bar. ‘Jack’s’ was seeing some hard time. Jack him self was starting to feel the remorse of killing a man seep in to his daily thoughts. He started to open the Bar later and later. He drank more and more. He combs his hair and masturbated less and less. His life was becoming an old sad cycle of drunken sleep and occasionally orders food, like Pizza or Indian.

Jack’s son was out all over the country smooching with the upper class world, of his new wife’s family. He did not think about his father, and had forgotten about all the ‘shit’ that was spuing out of his father’s mouth a couple days after the wedding was over. Jack jr., quite by accident walked in to ‘Jack’s’ on December 15th 2004. tom waits was on the beat-box in the corner, which was the sound system for ‘Jack’s’. Jack jr. and sr. were astonished to see each other. Sr. looking down and pouting, and jr. felt that he had to go over and talk.

-what’s up dad?—jr. said looking at his father-you look good.—he put his hand on his sullenly drunk father’s shoulder that was slumped over the bar-Jack!—jr. said thinking that saying his father’s first name would do it (break him out of his drunken blank stared trance) and it did. Jack sr. put his head up and took a look around d the bar. He saw his clientele were as sad and sleepy as he was and then looked at his son:
-Son! What brings__ ga you a-around Theese pars?—Jr. looked some what less then impressed by his farther attempted at the English language, but plays around:
-Was just in the neighbor hood dad, you know thought I’d say hello.
-Thasa boy-sr. says, so obviously not going to remember anything about the conversation in the morning, and probably not even remembering that he saw his son, and jr. knowing this took out his not book and jotted down his phone number, he and his father were not in touch, and put it in his father’s pocket with a note:


6 months after Wolfe got the case failing to get any new leads aside from the one that the beat cop gave him, the caption told him he was off the case. This made Wolfe angry, but before I get in to what was said at that time let me explain the relationship that Wolfe and Rex the bum had. Rex is the Name of the deceased.

Back in the late 60’s when a lot of kids just got up an went (Just Go! Or Going!), Rex did the same at this time. He just never could stop. He never had money and they did not want him in the states. He never left Canada. He’d go from east to west and then west to east always ending up in Landing City for the summer.

The thing that got Rex going was some girl name Sophia. He had loved her and she had not and he could not stick around and see his X best friend Jack kiss and kiss her.

Wolfe was not all that good with women, and Rex was good at finding people weakness and exploiting it. The result was Rex convincing that it t would not help Rex’s life if Wolfe put Rex in to the slammer over night, and really that Rex could lend Wolfe some Knowledge about women. By the end of some nights Wolfe would have bought a bottle of wine and the two of them would sit in his police car and talk and drink.

Rex left ever September or so for the west coast and warmer weather and it became a tradition for Wolfe to drive him out to a good hitch hiking place to drop him off.

But back to conversation between Wolfe and the chief, the captain about Wolfe being off the case.
-Wolfe come in the office please.—the captain said, seeing that Wolfe was using the begging of his 6th month of investigation of one bum’s death playing a video game on his cell phone.
-What is up cap.?—said Wolfe, almost too much like the okie kid in old yeller when his ‘paw’ said he had to kill ‘the best gad darn dog in the west.’ It pained the chief to do it. As much as he made fun of Wolfe he did love and respect him as a human being.
-In the office Wolfe.—he said feeling like George at the end ‘of mice and men.’ It had to be done.
-is this about the coffee’?—Wolfe had made a batch of coffee without changing the filter. And the chief had had a cup of “murky shit water and cream!” Wolfe got the hung over anger captain’s yells.
-Wolfe this has nothing to do with the Coffee. How long have you been on Rex’s case?—Wolfe looked down at his legs, and noticed his fly was undone, he zipped it up.
-I don’t know? A couple weeks?—He looked up at his boss, Wolfe did.
-Rex was killed in august Wolfe. What month is it? Wolfe?—Wolfe looked up at the calendar with the porno stars on it. The thighs read ‘March,” Wolfe made a dumb smile.
-okay so I have been on it for ^ months, so what. I have made a lot of progress.—Chief smiled.
-Wolfe you have beaten up about twelve people reading a book that is mandatory read in high school. This station has 4 lawsuits to deal with because of your hunch that the killer is a fan of the book! And what else have you done? Wolfe I know that you knew this Rex, but really, come on the guy was a bum.—Wolfe stood up tears in his eyes and tore off his badge, which was quite difficult and The chief had to fight off a smile, turned and left. Then the chief to help Wolfe’s ego yelled after him.
-your working to hard you need a couple days OFF. Your of the case Wolfe!.—Chief knew that Wolfe loved all that cliché’ shit. Wolfe, to the captain’s surprise, did not come back and argue.


Back in 65 Jack sr. started his studies at University. A BA of arts. He enjoyed classes and was a bright student. Going out to the bars and hitting on the younger hippie kids. Jack would always have a large crowd around him. Jack was a big Talker. He was slightly older than most of the other students and had read far more books and was somewhat of a free speaker. He wrote poetry and was good looking, and this is a far fucking cry from present day.

One of the younger student who made an idol of Jack was Rex Loophander, which was some kind of a weird French name slash English an abnormal blend indeed. Jack liked Rex but not for his Awish glare but his girl friend Sophia who thought not to much of Jack at first, and coincidently not at the end either. She always had a conflicting theory on what ever dazzles University kids OF THE TIME. And we all know you want what is hard to get, you want to work for it, us humans. Even fish have to work for their nookie. Rex had no Idea.

One time Sophia told Rex about the glances and hits that Jack was laying on her. Rex put it off as a kind of miss interpretation. Rex thought Jack was defiantly gay. The way he dressed screamed it. Most of the university kids at that time were wearing jeans and t-shirts but Jack walked around in shining new suits and slicked back hair. Jack was always Raving about some intellectual utterances from the gay writers in new York, about Kerouac and the Beat boys.

So as jean and t-shirted Rex sat and watched Savvy suited Jack wooed his women and swept her away from him with a smile and a poem, at some open mic coffee’ shop ditty. Smiling with a soft marbrols pack in his breast pocket and a sparkle in his smile.

Rex hit the road only top come back and finally dieing at the hand of the old fat ugly Jack. With out either of them knowing, who was who.

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