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Choice Over Power… Or Why the Elite Maintain Power… Or why the Elite take so much of your income

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The state of the world would depress me if I allowed it to. Think about it. Think about the world today. The economy is a cesspool consuming friends’ and loved ones’ welfare, their homes and their livelihoods. Foreign policy is limiting their income potential and our children’s chances for future success and happiness. There’s a war going on halfway around the world in desert cities. This war is killing children playing games, killing young men and old men alike, and women who weep and grandmothers and uncles and Americans in camouflage and Muslims drinking tea, smoking hand rolled cigarettes. There’s another not so publicized war being waged in urban graveyards in most major American inner cities right now, accomplishing much of the same carnage here at home. This war, which nobody I know had a hand in starting, seems to devour life and scar people whether I want it to or not. The middle class, like the legendary American Dream, is nostalgia at this point. The New World Order has come to mean a centralized elite upper class on one side of the cesspool and all of the workers that pay off elitist debt with their time and labor on the other. Anyone that tries to cross it gets recessionalized, trapped in the mire and sucked down by the muck that is bureaucracy, tool of the elite. It seems to be an insurmountable obstacle that stands in the way of anyones happiness, anyone that isn’t an accepted member of the elite already, that is.

The thing is, I’m an existentialist by nature. I can’t let the way things are as they exist get me down. I have to believe that if I think logically, formulate a plan and work in a concentrated effort to a certain end, that I can affect change and fix things that are broken. You know, will to power, baby. I have to try for the sake of my children. I have to believe that I can help make this a better place and then I have to go do it. You could say I think the glass is half full. That change is a load of crap that leads to more messes. You can say I think the glass is half empty. Things aren’t so bad, really, they haven’t stopped me from doing what I want… yet. I say you’re a fool if you’re worried about the glass at all. There’s an ocean out there and rivers and streams. Why worry about a partially filled cup? The cup is a diversion. Diversionary tactics keep even smart people from seeing the big picture.

Smash the cup and set your mind free.

The big picture is clear if you look at it with open honest eyes. There is a tiny percent of centralized bankers and politicians that control and manipulate our time and ability. This power structure very rarely changes, and when it does, it changes only to add a friend or relative to the existing structure, like adding mortar to a brick wall. This is the way our “system” has been set up from the beginning and it is the way things still run today. Status quo is good for those with power. A system set up by a bunch of slave owners is designed to protect a slave trading system. It has worked beautifully, now there are more slaves, as we all pay our birthright debt in the form of money, fruits of our time and labor, to the master’s fund in the form of taxation. Less masters + more slaves=happiness for those in power. More power split among less people leaves misery for the rest. Sounds crazy, you say? Taxation is not slavery, and we live in a democracy there Mister.


Let’s consult with the Merriam-Webster dictionary for a definition of slavery before we even get to the illusion that we live in a democracy and that what we have is freedom.

1: drudgery, toil 2: submission to a dominating influence 3 a: the state of a person who is a chattel of another b: the practice of slaveholding

Ok. Drudgery and toil is work. We Americans work so that we can live, and the government takes an average of 35% of what we receive for that drudgery from each of us. We submit that money to a dominating influence. The government uses our toil, our labor, as chattel. If you don’t believe me, explain how the government takes loans from other nations based on taxation that the government hasn’t even collected yet. They buy and sell our promised toil, they trade us and even our future (Social Security) wealth as chattel. We the people fit every definition of the word slave. The government fits the definition of slaveholder.

We live in a democracy you say! No we don’t. We live in a Republic. If we lived in a democracy, we’d vote directly for the President, his Excellency, and all of the laws made and passed for our “benefit”, we wouldn’t vote on people who have to curry favor to get votes to make decisions for us… with our money. We exist in a two party system. I hear politicians screaming the same rhetoric now as they have for centuries. ‘Time for a change!’

Yet nothing ever changes except the two parties of the keepers of the system that stays in place, the elite gains more power, we lose more liberty and things get worse. Obama, McCain, Clinton, even if they wanted to, couldn’t change a thing. The system was designed to maintain power. Every time there is a crisis, the elite gain more control. We’re “attacked” on 9/11, the Patriot act takes away too many civil liberties to list. Katrina. Mismanagement of millions of dollars helps few, makes things worse and costs us more. Economy collapse because of housing bubble (caused by War strife on economy and laws that allowed for a bubble) here comes federalized housing. Find me a crisis and I’ll find you a liberty lost via ensuing legislation.

Hmmm… Back to the misguided belief in democracy. We have a two party system in our “free” Federalized Republic. I know, you’re still hung up on the fact I called you a slave and you think you’re free. Let’s examine the two party system and we can put this freedom delusion to bed.

Hitler rose to power as a Nazi. Nazism is: ‘a political party platform that embraces a combination of a military dictatorship, socialism and fascism’. By all intent Hitler was a power hungry crazed man, but highly intelligent. Intelligent enough to change the structure of Global society in a very short period of time. He was evil by any estimation of the word. Had he simply used the diversion of a two party system he could have claimed he was democratic, not despotic, and maintained power longer. He could have convinced people under his own rule and around the world that his actions were that of free choice. The will of a free people.

Get down off of that crack tree you say? Quit smoking that stuff. I’m not smoking anything but truth. I say ease the chains off your ankles and wrists slowly. Freedom feels weird when you’re born enslaved.

If Hitler would have allowed a second party to oppose him, headed by say, Himler or Mussolini, or Ava Braun, and would have called for a voting system based on only two choices, he could have traded power back and forth with like minded people, keeping it in the fraternity of his choosing whether he won an election or whether his partner won, but by getting people to “vote” for one or the other, though there is little or no difference, he could claim that Nazism means freedom. Nazism is a democratic process. Is what the majority of the people want.

Offering citizens really no choice, but an appearance of choice. We call it today the lesser of two evils. This, the two party system, is what controls and constricts our fate. This election process is a diversion. We are born into a system of debt (taxation) and offered a choice of the lesser of two evils, which changes nothing, and we are billed for it. Status Quo maintains power by convincing us this is what we have chosen. Have you chosen to pay taxes? Voted for it? Been given the option, option meaning a free choice, to opt out?

Feeling free right now?

No. You feel trapped by this two party Federal Republic that was designed to keep the power amongst a few like minded families and friends, which has worked perfectly.

Furthermore, this system, as noted, partially designed by slave owners, has improved its efficiency and control since it was implemented. There are billions more dollars in play, hundreds of millions more people, and yet the same few elite own pieces of all the slaves. You and I included, even if you don’t live here. New World Order remember. We even give freely the dollars they let us have made from our sweat, to their election system, while we suffer, in a recessed economy.

To the tune of 250 million.

That’s what 3 candidates have raised to talk about fixing nothing, in one campaign so far. And we reward them with hard earned dollars to do nothing but help cause more problems.

Sounds crazy right? We’d pay the same people over and over to fix the same problems they never fix, and give them more power every time they screw up?

If you think I’m crazy, then explain this:

When this country began, the Presidency, highest office of Slave Master in Chief, was handed back and forth between a few friends and family members. Adams, Jefferson, Monroe, Quincy-Adams, father, friend, Jefferson’s best friend, Adams’ son, with a few other rich friends, Washington and Madison, thrown into the mix. See a pattern. Cut to today. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton potentially and then potentially Jeb Bush again. Four hundred million people and only a few families are competent enough (or allowed) to make this mess. I did some research. Forty two Presidents, yes Bush the current is the forty third President, but Grover Cleveland served as twenty-second and twenty-fourth President, so there have only been forty two men to hold the office. Forty two Presidents and yet only sixteen families have held the position. I said sixteen. Yes, some were distant relatives and some were married, but its a very small fraternity nonetheless. A very rich, very powerful fraternity. It gets better. Four families produced thirty presidents. One particular family tree, the Adams family (God there’s a joke in that name but I’ll leave it be, you’re probably feeling nauseous right about now so there’s no time for humor) produced nineteen different presidents leading right down to our current Bush clan.

It’s sickening.

And what about those mavericks that busted their way in, those other twelve families that held the office? Of those twelve, three presidents, Kennedy, Mckinley and Garfield were shot and killed. Two more, Clinton and Andrew Johnson, were impeached and/or censured. Of the remaining seven, well: three were Vice-Presidents that followed the shot Presidents for very short terms (Lyndon Johnson stuck around for a second term but did aid elite causes by building the military industrial complex from $5 million dollars annually to over $500 million). Monroe, Jefferson’s close friend, was another one. Andrew Jackson, who was a celebrity, forced his way into the office and was hated by the existing government. He was too popular for them to defeat. In fact, he was so popular, he was the first man to win the popular election and lose the vote. the second time he ran they couldn’t deny him the Presidency as they did the first time for fear of revolution and loss of power. Old Hickory was like Oprah now or Colin Powell or Davey Crockett. In Congress the Elite called him King Andrew. When he left office the removed his picture and while he held office they fought everything he tried to do, rendering him ineffective. The last maverick to make it into office with no known relation to the “fraternity” was Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow Wilson, who instituted the first federal income tax, the modern chain. He also designed and implemented the federal bank. The private centralized banking system that controls our monetary system and wealth. The shackle that is attached to the chain. Woodrow Wilson was, however, related to the Barclays’ from Scotland. Yes, the Barclays’ that own the Scottish Central and some of the British Central Bank. Part of that New World Order that owns some of the Fed, you know, that controls our monetary system. He also had J.P. Morgan as an adviser. Another fed owner. Mother Jones wrote of Wilson, “I am a Socialist, but I admire Wilson for the things he has done ... And when a man or woman does something for humanity I say go to him and shake him by the hand and say ‘I’m for you.’ He tried to Globalize and socialize us immediately with his League of Nations. Unite all fraternal clans into a central banking system that controls the world’s wealth. More slaves for fewer masters.

The system works perfectly, but only because we let it.

It’s time now to stop it.

At Litmocracy, besides the book contest seeking new voices that need to be heard, we’re working on many things. One is the Choice Over Power movement. We even want to try and syndicate a Choice Over Power Radio show to spread the word and allow people to speak of their frustrations. To let them know if we unite we can stop the slavery. They can’t maintain power if we don’t let them, and they can’t take money if we don’t give it to them. If they had no money but their own I bet they wouldn’t send kids off to die and kill people at a monetary cost of $13 billion dollars a month.

But then we’ve never questioned them or told them no. We’ve never made them be effective or practical to keep their elite status and power. We’ve never called them out. It’s time to choose freedom over slavery. It’s time for cool, calm peaceful choice to take the chains out of the hands of the powerful.

Choice Over Power.

Free your mind, and your lifestyle will follow.


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