Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chomsky VS Okon (excerpt of landmark series -The Internet Sessions)

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Chomsky VS Okon - The Internet Sessions Vol.1 Excerpt
by marc okon | May 19, 2009 - 10:00pm Share
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Marc Okon
speaking to
Professor Chomsky,
While reading one of your many unauthorized biographies, i saw a giant poster of
Bertrand Russell,
attached to your office door,
and was reminded of one of your old statements.
Your words were ” I do not believe in the cult of personality ” If this were true, how do you reconcile the poster? Do you not see the conflict?


Why Bertrand Russell? A good question. I do respect his work, his activism, and many of the things he’s done in his life, though by no means everything. It’s on the wall, and larger than other pictures, but it’s not the only one, though it’s the only photograph of a person. Another is a painting that depicts the horrifying decade of the 80s in Central America: the angel of death standing over the martyred Archbishop Romero and the six leading Latin American intellectuals, Jesuit priests, whose brains were blown out, their housekeeper and her daughter too, framing the decade: 1980 and 1989. Our victims, along with hundreds of thousands of others. Another is a photo that a friend and I took in Iquique, Chile, a monument to the hundreds, maybe thousands, of men, women and children slaughtered there in December 1907, perhaps the most vicious of many labor massacres, this one at the hands of the Chilean servants of Britain.

(c) chomsky/okon 5/18/2009

For The image of Archbishop Romero lying in a pool of blood please visit:
Marc Okon, Independent Investigative Broadcast Journalist & Producer
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