Monday, December 05, 2005

Choose Wisely

Category: Poetry/Lyrics Winners, Issue 2

I see before me
Lives, shoes, bread, and love.
I have some and some
I do not have.

All see these goods and bads;
Have some and don’t have others.
Take hold of one, let go another,
This is the act of living.

It is always trade.
Time and thought and pain,
The sound of laughter,
A moment’s respite.

Choices, every one, to let
Go or to keep hold, to
Give up or to struggle,
To think or to act.

All see their goods and bads;
Some held, and some unattained as yet.
Every choice is a trade.
Life is nothing else.

Dare we show what
Choices we would make
To those who see us?
What difference would it make?

To judge, or be judged,
Accepted or Rejected,
Kept Alive or Killed,
Or simply left alone?

To be seen as single,
Unique, and fascinating,
Special, capable, interesting,
To have a raison d’etre?

You don’t have to
Think about this.
It’s importance is up to you.

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