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Chrysalis Emerging

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Chrysalis Emerging
(The Journey Home)

The scent of roses envelopes me, as I lay here.
The world beyond my protective thorny guardians,
Begins to fade to a blur,
As my cloudy mind ponders the blink, that was my life.

I feel a beautiful, white haired lady,
Sitting by my side as the light headedness increases.
I sense her smiling in a sad yet comforting way,
And past her I see others, floating towards me.

I feel her hand reach out and take mine.
A strange but peaceful sadness washes over me.
A solitary tear escapes the corner of each eye,
Trickling towards my ears, as they begin to hear no more.

The strains of the single piper’s fading lament ;
The rattle of the drummer’s snare, and dampened beat of the bass;
Help me along my journey’s path in time,
And remind me of the last waltz with my lady.

A xenonic* breeze gently ripples and caresses my skin,
And lifts at the gossamer wings of my obtect soul.
My burden grows lighter and lays in fluffy white clouds,
That drift gently and silently across the powder blue sky.

As old Sol begins to fade, a gentle light surrounds me.
Its’ cocoon growing smaller as the moments drift by.
Faces of my children and theirs, and theirs, draw closer to me and my lady;
Embracing her with tear creased, wistfully, gentle smiles.

Some take my hands, others stroke my face,
And the wisps of hair remaining after so many years.
Slowly, their faces, bodies and smiles,
Are replaced by others, I once knew.

A hazy white mist surrounds me now.
A vision; of satin, lace and soft down feathers,
In dazzling virgin white abounds; and gently,
Protectively, encases me as a soft woollen blanket.

The others reach out, taking hold of my blanket,
Cradling me as a new babe in mothers’ arms.
Reaching inside my earthly shell, helping unfold those gossamer wings,
The xenonic breeze takes hold.

Like anaesthetic taking its’ toll, my eyes begin to close,
Those at my side fade away, thinning upon the wind.
As they bid me farewell, the others grow stronger, comforting, supporting;
Reaching out in warm, welcoming embrace.

My kindred invite me home from my long, joyful, journey.
My tiredness is gone; I begin to rise gently from the clouds.
Upwards and beyond, towards the sky,
Then suddenly! - A part of the sky.

I am now at peace and comfortably back home.
My fears of what this would be, are now gone.
A blinding bright light I had heard, - but no!
A gentle fade; out then in; as the gossamer expands.

Now forever - Part of The One.

* ze non ic

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