Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Place: first place in Creative Writing

The storybooks kind of tell you that to get away from monsters you can just run or hide.

But I guess that’s always been a temporary fix, hasn’t it? Even for them?
It’s still out there, waiting for you to peek around the corner.
The difference is that in real life the monsters get bigger and uglier and scarier the longer
            you hide
until you can no longer face it alone and you should’ve asked for help from the beginning and WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

please don’t reject me. I’m not the kind of problem that gets stronger when you run.
I’m shrinking

                        I’m sinking

and it’s cold down here.
I know the only way to save myself is to climb     to struggle
      to fight to breathe

                                    to live



but it’s warm when I hold still and

I could just rest here, couldn’t I?
  Just for a moment









does anyone really feel time passing?

Without a tick   or beep   or call shout sting SHAME ON YOU

and you’d never know how big the monsters had grown if you just









and the cold
    is warm


                                          and comfort



is the feeling





of your life

















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