Tuesday, December 23, 2008




Once there was a vaccuum cleaner that was used by the
old cleaning lady to vaccuum the church. Almost every
day the cleaning lady would take the vaccuum cleaner
from the closet and vaccuum the carpets in the aisle
and the cushions on the pews.  Every once in a while,
and this is what the vaccuum loved most of all, every
once in a while he got to clean around the the great
pipe organ.

The pipe organ was a beautiful instrument with a
spectacular array of pipes and ornate woodwork and two
handsome keyboards.  Whenever Mrs. Bloomer, the
organist, touched those keys, the church filled with
the most beautiful music and the little vaccuum
cleaner’s heart sang.  The vaccuum cleaner loved the
organ but the organ never even gave him a second glance.
The organ was so beautiful and so grand and
the vaccuum cleaner was so humble and ugly that he
felt stuffed, dirty, and inferior everytime he was brought near.
The organ made rich gorgeous music, the vaccuum
cleaner only made noise.

Things looked pretty hopeless for the old vaccuum
until one morning, while the vaccuum was resting in
its closet listening to Mrs. Bloomer play when,
without warning, the music died and Mrs. Bloomer
shrieked. Mice had eaten through the bellows and
chewed up the wiring on the pump. Without a steady air
supply the organ couldn’t play. There was great
consternation in the church. In a few minutes people
would be coming for the service.

  Before he knew what was happening, hands were
  pulling the vaccuum out of his closet, reversing his hose
and plugging him into the organ’s airway. The vaccuum’s motor was
replacing the broken pump and the organ was singing
louder and stronger than ever before.  The little vaccuum
was very happy.  For a little while he and the organ
were one and he was a part of the music.

Soon after, the pump was repaired and the vaccuum
returned to his job of cleaning the rugs and cushions.
But things had changed between them. The little vacuum
felt proud to be what he was. He no longer
felt choked up, dirty and inferior around the organ.
And the organ felt more humble and gratious and sang
more beautifully than ever because she had found love.

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