Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Abu Ghraib prison pictures

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  • I liked this piece, particularly the end, which I agree with wholly…Funny, though, I’d say American troops (the enlisted ones: soldiers, rangers, comm guys etc.—-the unenlisted ones: contractors, business people, vacationers) are targets wherever they go…Hiding the truth won’t change that, only fantasyland goodwill or seperatism will…Although I read a piece in Time a while back that rang true, the only time the world likes us is when we are on our knees (September 11th Katrina) & appear weak or human, or they are in need of something…I agree w/ your summation of point of view as business owner or corporation, but I offer this angle of parent…If my kids were bad, then lied about it & hid it, I’d be a whole lot angrier w/ them than if they were just bad…

    Posted by deminizer  on  10/12  at  10:34 PM
  • “... are targets wherever they go…Hiding the truth won’t change that.”

    Unfortunately, broadcasting the truth puts it into the hands of the stupider and more brutal of those doing the targeting.  I abhor violence, despite the fact that it usually teaches both sides valuable lessons.  The main one is that violence is a short-sighted solution.  Most evil contains the seeds of its own undoing.  They need only awareness and intelligence to blossom into long term suppression of that evil.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  10/12  at  11:43 PM
  • ...Unfortunately awareness & intelligence is only doled out laced w/ bias in this day & age of blog awareness & glib political Jon Daily it’s life but it’s all just a joke objectivism…
    You may be the first anarchist (nee capitalist) I’ve ever read that abhors violence…I dig that by the way…I abhor violence, but violence is inevitably precursed by hate, bias, oppression, fear, & ignorance…The key being ignorance, as that whole violent house of shaky DT cards is built always on a foundation of ignorance. How can you preach “for the people & by the people” unless the people are informed & the decision making playing field is not level, but the sad truth is that most people, like my analogy or not, choose to be uninformed, all zombie like…The truth can never be arbitrary or argued imbued in an existence of a true capitalism…Only spin can…

    Posted by deminizer  on  10/13  at  12:20 AM
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