Sunday, March 01, 2009




A is the apple he found in his lunch
B is the banana that grew in a bunch
C is the candle she burned at both ends
D is the dragon that devoured his friends
E is the Eastern-most point on the map
F is the fish that wound up in his lap
G is the general that ordered the charge
H is the hampster that grew awfully large
I is the ice cream they served with a scoop
J is the junk he found in his soup
K are the knots they tied in her tail
L is the locket she got in the mail
M is the milk she spilled on the rug
N is the narcissus she grew in a jug
O is the omlet she ate with a knife
P is the postcard he sent to his wife
Q is the questioning glance on her face
R is the rocket she launched into space
S is the sign he found on his door
T is the tissue she dropped on the floor
U is the unction she squeezed from a tube
V is the vicar who thought she was rude
W is the whistle she blew in her bed
X is the x-ray they took of his head
Y is the yo-yo he lost down the shute
Z is the zebra who stepped on her foot

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Old Comments

  • I really enjoyed the fact that each line stands on its own but come together somehow to create a very unique piece. Well done!

    Posted by StarLizard  on  01/02  at  03:32 PM
  • Hey StarLizard—

    How did you even find this? You must be trolling through the archives. I barely remember even writing it but I like alphabets and have written several of them. How about You? Have you tried writing one? We can try one together if you’re game.
    Thanks for reviving this old post.


    Posted by tobiash  on  01/02  at  03:41 PM
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