Thursday, July 17, 2008


Category: Issue 11


I’ve read in science articles
That there are anti-particles
And this anti world they know
Is a place that we can never go
For if you try to walk that road
That anti world would just explode
And so I send this song to you
That anti-girl I never knew

Is there an anti sun
And does it anti shine
And does it anti matter
If you ain’t got the anti time
Is there an anti moon
Smiling on an anti sea
And anti people sittin ‘round
Sippin’ anti tea
Is there an anti zoo
Where anti children go
To watch the anti ant eater
And the anti buffalo
Do anti-icebergs float
On an anti antarctic sea
Do anti drivers drive around
To see what they can see
Do anti couples neck
In their anti Chevrolets
And do they put in anti-antifreeze
On the coldest anti days
Would you have an anti uncle Arnie
And an anti auntie Anne
These are things I’ll never know
Because of who I am
I am made of particles
The opposite of yours
The universe is stacked against us
You can’t fight natural laws
I could never kiss you on
Your sweet red anti lips
Or hold your anti hands in mine
And kiss your anti fingertips
I can’t sit around your anti house
Listening to your anti tunes
Sippin’ anti lemonade
And gazin’ at the moon
I could never touch a single hair
Upon your lovely anti head
Cause if I ever touched you
We’d both of us be dead
It’s the saddest thing I ever heard
In all this great wide world
Why I can’t be the boyfriend
Of that sweet old anti girl

Is there an anti sun
And does it anti shine
And does it anti matter
If you ain’t got the anti time…

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