Thursday, February 23, 2006

Any advice for taxpayers?


Mr. Bush,

Many of us pay taxes even though we know that a large portion of them are being used to fund operations which we believe to be morally reprehensible.  We can vote against those who champion these operations, but when our side loses in the election, how can we fulfill our tax obligations without being immoral?

Conscientous objectors are permitted to stay out of military service positions in which their behavior would violate their moral convictions.  Shouldn’t the same respect be shown for taxpayers, or is there some moral principle that allows a person to pay someone else to do something that would be immoral if he did it himself?

As president of the United States, your insight on this matter would be very instructive to everyone.

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  • Thoreau refused to pay tax because he thought we’d illegally invaded Mexico. Thoreau didn’t understand that might makes right. To that end, I suggest that Litmocracy get involved with like-minded political bloggers - thecherryorchard.org; myspace.com/disinfo; and DailyKos.

    Better yet, why not have a Litmocracy Kos site, where we could all go, say Wednesday night or sometime. Get some nationwide feedback. Some attention, a following perhaps.

    Posted by Mikael Covey  on  06/07  at  03:36 AM
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