Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Back In The Shadows


You tell me to come and then you tell me to go
And all the while I wait back in the shadows.
You say you love me then you say you don’t know,
And all the while I wait back in the shadows.

I feel the passion that of which you bring
As tender and warm as a morning in spring.
It is the mystery of who you are that binds
My heart to yours and yours to mine.

If I could have you I could feel no sorrow
But perhaps I’m dreaming of another tomorrow.
I hear these voices which speak from inside my soul
They keep whispering your name, a bottomless hole.

I sit at the piano, touch the keys so white,
The first chord is “G”, it brings my pain back to life.
I play your song with fearful pain,
I torture myself as I play it again.

The picture you gave me stays beside my bed
I see you every night as I rest my head
And when I awake to the burning light
My pain awakes with shuddering bites.

My heart of hearts now wilts like a flower
That stands out in the sunlight waiting winters showers
My pride I’ve lost and feel I may never regain
Is draining out of me as I carry my shame.

Every poem I’ve ever written, every song I’ve played
Has been for someone who has just walked away
Like the first poem I wrote for you
My feelings back then return to full view.

If chance may be that you and I could be together
I would hold you close for now and forever.
But these are dreams I must soon let go
But for now I wait back in the shadows

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