Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Backstabbed at last


  Isn’t the look up to best friend I escorted night after night 24/7 to go-go bars one song they put out for us was Freeze Frame the other Love Stinks please try a get a thing some day at long lost picnic ground “StoRE StoP SHoP”

Foundated in the evermore special channels of my own mind

Is it all of a sudden cool once you get jumped?  Mainly I didn’t think so, I was all ready to take whatever the world had coming at me, some strange magic squares I found in this book about the Black Arts, notice that the origin to be from “magic makers of light.” Well placed in this coin purse that looked boy scout age, two on top of each other and like respecting the vail word to add a touch of the Bible to me, an orange colored piece of square clothe I just thinking not a wrong thing about it snatched from my old ladies room for a better way to use it as she had not even really known it there all over the years.  With one of my favorite squares behind it.  Then to say I was the author a colored pencil point yellow and one chip of a black one wetted down both in the bottom of it, ‘the purse’ so more than that like the Floyd guy could of been my bodyguard a five dollar black robot watch from the vendors in D.C. could of got red or blue but why a toy, for kids, better look right, the head like the Transformer or Voltron, well great, money not but a penny, don’t need from or want to give.  Maybe me being so good natured helped him do that smack on the Big Show, but you ain’t gettin it, so better check out the other same age people in town just once cause locust to locust is about all God knows we can do right so once will do if they is as bad as the church folk claim, and was true, so I says you is dull, dull, dull and left, what did he do, betray me, called all the nerdy spooks to say whitey one was on his way a simple trip through the park to exclaim after their worthlessness expressed dry, true black and white harmony came from downtown it the big city where the vendors work. So met me up on the bridge saying you gotta go with us to Franco’s where we either reserved or drink like a 50 plus member biker gang each and every Friday night, so to slip away, I entered like oh, we are all cool and of course I am the only white person to come through these parts for say years cause I am so Goddamned cool, taste a drink as I said was not with money and didn’t feel like bumming;  safe or nothing at all, so once I slipped out, to in the riskier dusk continue my walk see the call made it worse. And to meet two lazy scouts that saw all who were coming to the Franco’s had went, coming to follow them all up, so what are they to think upon seeing me again walking on by, but try to kill me, kick punch and I had not had a punch let alone a kick so I stay dazed for 6 yes 6 x 60 minutes til I arose and nutty like go on hard headed to pass the park as if it is animal let it be declared a zoo.  Three in the morning the next day, somehow had no bruises but eventually lost a few years later a tooth, did any of them pay, huh?  Punk thugs (like Pit Bulls) parents somehow say why not help and call the cops, went in one ear and out the other, did I play rock loud at home not hardly, and hardly drink booze, keep in the icebox, don’t think so, the xxx stuff I guess they didn’t like because I could make up my mind for my own, see my big finger, and Palm Readers are to say it is throwing Saturn up in the air, yes, the planet of death.  To this day they and like the earths biggest hippocrypt founder of the flip the bird by strutting around with it displayed on the brim of a hat the color of the Baltimore Birds baseball team.  Carries around a stolen by his better than him hippie brother Rodney or Ernie, my baseball glove my dad had bought for me a bit better that what he usually did, but I had maybe once took it to a game, no really I think I didn’t play the next year so it was unused, so fine I leant it to him to have him never give it back deny to his name now, but yes he is wasted on, so sad.

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