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Boobala Darling Wins A Cruise-A Fictional Story-4



Boobala looked at her calendar. It was only a month until graduation. She circled the date of July 5th in red because it was her 18th birthday. “Finally,” she said to herself, “I’ll be 18 years of age and I’ll be able to make my own decisions about my life. Papa and mama won’t be able to say anything about it.” She was careful not to mark the 27th for fear that her secret marriage to Harry would be exposed.

She and Harry had been seeing each other secretly for a few months from time to time after school. Boobala was glad that mama had finally relaxed her vigil. She had gone back to the store to work with papa, which made it easy for them to meet without getting caught. Boobala was a puppet in Harry’s hands. She was easy to manipulate. They had to be careful lest her parents find out. So far the 19-year-old playboy’s plan was working perfectly. Harry didn’t want to have sex with Boobala. He wasn’t stupid, he knew she was a minor, and if she got knocked up he didn’t want to be accused of rape. Besides, why would he want to have sex with her when he had Stefania the Italian breezy with the voluminous breasts. She was a waitress at Gino’s Pizzeria and was much older than he was. Thinking of Stefania, his cheeks start to flush. He became visibly aroused while savoring the memory of their last desperate sexual encounter. “Ooh-wee, is she a hot one.” Harry said to himself. For some strange reason, he wondered why he seemed to be developing a taste for older women.

It was getting hard for him to keep his mind from wandering back to his sexual fantasy, but he needed to move forward. He needed to focus on the matter at hand, which was his priority for the moment. After careful consideration, he decided that it was now or never. He asked Boobala to marry him. She eagerly accepted, stars in her eyes, as he promised her a bright future. He would attain a college degree and become a trader just like his Uncle Jake. The date was set for the 27th of July, almost three weeks after her 18th birthday. He knew it would take all the courage he could muster to marry her. However, once it was over, she would become his meal ticket.

Spider, Spider Spin Your Web

Harry needed to learn about his future in-laws so that he could plan his strategy ahead of time. He needed to ingratiate himself with them. He kept pressuring Boobala to meet them. This was going to be difficult, since Mildred had laid down the law. Boobala was not to date until she finished High School and four years of college. Meanwhile Mildred already had her eye on some of the young men whose families were well off at the synagogue as a possibility. The only way for Boobala to bring Harry to the house was to ask her mom for permission to help a student prepare for his final exams. When she agreed, Boobala begged Harry not to wear his ripped jeans and dirty sneakers, but to dress nice to make a favorable impression on her mom.

Relieved as they finished what Harry perceived as a necessary chore, Harry put his books in his backpack and sped for the exit. Mildred intercepted him, offering him a soda. “So Larry,” she asked.

“My name is Harry, Mrs. Finkenberg.”

“Sorry, so Harry, Boobala tells me that you want to be a trader like your uncle?” She asked, while eying the young man’s muscular built carefully.

He answered her weakly: “Oh yes.”

“You’re not Jewish are you? ” Mildred continued, “I notice that you call your uncle by the name of Jake, is that short for Jacob?”

“Uh, I’m not sure.” He murmured sipping his soda.

“So, what is your uncle’s last name?” Mildred kept on. “Oh, it’s Rubenstein.” he responded, not knowing what else to say.

“Then your uncle is Jewish,” exclaimed Mildred.

“Uh, I’m not sure, but I think it’s possible,” he replied.

Harry’s mind raced. ‘What is she talking about, my uncle Jake is Italian? Why did I have to say Rubenstein when his name is Jake Vitobello. This woman is making me nervous. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I wish she’d shut up.’

“So Harry, what college are you planning to go to?” she continued to ask.

Harry, now pissed, thought, ‘What’s with the third degree? Who does she think she is, the CIA? She’s so freaking annoying.’

Trying to keep his cool he blurted: “Oh, my uncle Jake is sending me to Yale University.”

Mildred kept on with her questioning: “So tell me, why is it that your uncle is the one sending you to college instead of your parents? Don’t they have any money?”

Harry, feeling nervous, answered quickly, “Uh, my parents are both dead. They died in a car accident when I was ten and Uncle Jake raised me.”

Mildred was not satisfied. She looked him straight in the eye. “Young man, to go to that University you need to be very smart and have excellent grades. So how come my daughter is helping you if you are so smart?”

Harry was fuming as he thought to himself, ‘Geez, what a bitch! No wonder Boobala is so intimidated by her, she must get a kick out of making people uncomfortable.” Leaving, he said to Mildred: “Uh, I really have to go; Uncle Jake has supper waiting for me. Thanks for the soda.”

As soon as Harry left, Mildred called to Boobala in a menacing voice, “Are you sure he’s not your boyfriend?”

Boobala, shaking, scared as hell, and turning red echoed: “No mama, he is not my boyfriend. You heard us studying right?”

Mildred pensive, raised her eyebrows, twisting her nose a little. “Well I don’t like him; I smell a skunk. There is something about him that rubs me the wrong way. Look at all those muscles, what time does he have to study and get good grades? I think he is lying and you, young lady, better not be lying to me too. “

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