Sunday, April 23, 2006


Category: Poetry/Lyrics Winners, Issue 2

Hazy vastness
Hot, clear air
I inhale the desert.
A remedy for my sticky-tough thoughts -
Gooey like gelantine
Clinging to the branches of my city-stressed brain.

Clear voices on the ridge of the granite hump
Two little boys wave at me – demanding.
I join them.
Want to teach them how to breathe this elixir.
One sits arms on knees, chewing on a grass blade.
The other lies on his stomach, crumbling a sandwich -
For the mice beneath the rock.

We talk infinity.
Men and mice will grow old and die.
But the desert never changes.
A million years ago the desert was the same as now…
I find solace in that thought….

Tension in the six year old.
He stabs his brother with a foot – get up!
Intent in his eyes.
Sturdy little legs clamber to the top.
A large bolder jumps, rumbles and crashes down the granite hill.

We changed it!
We changed the desert!
It is not the same anymore
Like it has been for a million years.
They look at me – defiantly.

I laugh.
Go on Boys – change the world!

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Old Comments

  • It’s nice that you’re amused, and it’s nice that you encourage them…

    Really, if the new position of the boulder has any real effect, I think it’s the effect it has on you and the boys.  Anyway, the world is composed of more than just the desert.

    While you find solace in something external that resists change for a million years, I find solace in the changes in myself and the people around me, but I see no conflict in our different dispositions.  Thanks for the poem!

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  04/28  at  01:28 PM
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