Thursday, April 20, 2006


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  • The proposed method is to alter the behavior of people that buy gas at Exxon Mobile, and those people only.  I already do my part to foment a price war by actively seeking the lowest price, and Exxon Mobile almost never has it.

    The proposed method also has the drawback that if Exxon Mobile were to sell gas at $.50 below the average, it would still be much higher than the $1.30 target, and we’d all be destroying the best company out there (the one offering it at 50 cents below the average).  And sacrificing the savings of $.50/gallon will be WAY too hard for most of us to do.

    From politics, I have learned that to conquer or control a group (the citizenry or the gas companies), it is best to divide it into two pieces and play them off against each other.  Here’s how we do that to gas companies:

    This link at Wikipedia lists several gas companies: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gas_station
    We’ll divide them into two groups.  Group 1 has names that start with a letter from A - M.  Group 2 has names that start with a letter from N - Z.

    Let’s boycott group 1 until the US national average for a gallon of regular gas drops 5 cents.  Use this site to see what it is now:
    At the time of this comment, it is $2.825.  When that page shows that it is 2.775 or less, then we start boycotting group 2.  This is a reward for group 1 and a punishment for group 2.  Once that 2.775 mark is hit, group 2 doesn’t get any of our business until 2.725 is hit (even if the price goes all the way up to $3).  The main effect of this switching from one group to the other is that we will get used to buying gas from different places, we’ll pay more attention to the prices they offer, and that, by itself, will produce the desired outcome.

    If someone would like to put more work into this, they could maintain a list of the companies in each group.  The boycotted company with the highest price will switch places with the non-boycotted company that has the lowest price each time we switch groups.  So every time we switch, the low price leader gets to keep our business, and the high-price leader never gets it.

    I believe this company:
    has data about the average price charged by each company.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  04/20  at  03:40 PM
  • Another view;

    Why not everyone only buy cars that have the best gas mileage, use alternative fuels, and find alternate modes of transportation… The real long term issue is weaning ourselves off of our short sighted way in which we are using our fossil fuels which can be used for so many other purposes other than burning for transportation: fertilizers, raw material production (plastics for instance)….Reducing our use saves money, saves the limited resource for other uses, husbands the resource for future generations, and is good for the environment. I’d rather see the high price drive better use of the resource than a lower price prolong the short sighted usage patterns that are current in America and harmful. Driving better usage needs to start with rich countries to drive down the technology price so poorer countries like China and India will adopt them. Imagine the problems we would all be in if China and India used fossil fuels at the rate we do. I would suggest thinking longer term is best for us all, including my and your kids.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  05/24  at  12:19 PM
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