Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gian Photographs a Ghost Aboard Queen Mary


Gian Temperilli, co-author of Heaven Can You Hear Me?, had recent had recent run-ins with ghosts as he was meeting with Peter James fans aboard the Queen Mary just before the New Year. He even photographed a ghost.

In his recent emails he told about the exciting experience aboard the ship, which goes in his own words as: 

We were all in the pool area where the ‘Jackie’ the talking ghost child is often heard. And, yes, we clearly heard her voice 4-5 times. One time, she ‘chuckled’ clearly when asked if she knew who Mickey Mouse was. We had an EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) meter with us that acted erratically in the ship’s pool dressing rooms. That is where Peter James belied that a ‘vortex’ portal formed allowing Jackie (and others) to come through. The readings on the sensor went from a 0.0 to an 11.0 when coaxed?! High EMF signals are 3-4. A group of us asked if anyone could touch the meter and make the numbers rise; and they sure did! They began at 3.3; then we asked if they could make the numbers rise. Then, it jumped to a 4.1. And further, the meter went to a 4.7 when asked. It just kept happening that way until the 11.0!!

On that night, the news mentioned that it was a rare full blue moon. I’m not sure if there are any connections. As well, we heard several large distant metal hull doors swinging open and bangs. We’ve been to the ship several times before, and have not had experiences quite as involved as that. Hope for more to follow.  As well, you may enjoy a ghost pic that I posted on the myspace under the blog write up on an Alcatraz overnight investigation. The blog is located on the top right side of the homepage of www.myspace.com/peterjameslives.

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