Sunday, February 25, 2007

If I Were King

Category: Mind Change
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  • A dream gone wild! If you want to be king, who stops you from becoming one. Leave Dave in peace. I like the piece!

    Posted by Dr George Karimalil  on  03/10  at  07:59 AM
  • Dave is King of Litmocracy, because Litmocracy is HIS Kingdom. By this I mean that we (as his ‘people’) are guests. We don’t NEED to be here. We don’t pay taxes to vote, or post. Actually, we don’t pay at all, unless we choose to. Dave can do whatever he wants because we will always have a CHOICE to come back here, or to leave. To start our own Kingdom, or to go to another, or to quit with this web writing and reading altogether. Too many people do not have that choice. Too many people are forced to stay, and suffer, be it from hunger, political chaos or revolution. For those who can flee, for those who choose another Kingdom, it may or may not be better. But none of us have a choice to live SOMEWHERE.

    Of course, Dave’s Kingdom would be nothing without us. But we stay because we have a choice, and because he makes this choice a good one.

    So yeah, Dave’s the King. Because he doesn’t impose. Rather, he chooses to let us decide. Which I suspect brings him even more reward than any ohter way smile

    Love the piece, too.

    Posted by StarLizard  on  03/16  at  08:16 PM
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