Monday, April 08, 2013

Innocent? or Ego’s Plot?

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Innocent? or Ego’s Plot?

The mocking words, of those too dear;
Always deride, the listen’s ear.
Of darkest depths, of evil soul;
The blackest laughter, ‘comes a hole.
From which there is, no escape;
All lights gulped, by darkness’ cape.

The brightest of, the lights once held;
Aloft with angels, Satan’s meld.
Alone did wish, to be renowned;
Atop the highest tree, look down.
But cast from steps, of heaven be;
The evil doer, now set free?

He cast his spell, on those about;
Had cruel words, come forth to spout.
To ridicule, the good therein;
And thus to start, the biggest sin.
Betray the likes, of he, of she;
And banter around, with giggling glee.

But signs of smiles, and laughter be;
Short lived then, replaced by plea.
To forgive, and lest forgot;
All that be, part of the plot.
Forgiveness is, as always free;
But darkness always, be to see.

Look inside, and study true;
The inner work, of he and you.
Wonder at, what thou hast done;
To block away, the light from Sun.
Take a mirror, and look hard;
Reflections from, the darkest bard.

But though the bad, will always be;
One always looks, for good to see.
Look upon, our fellow man;
Look for the best, as best you can.
Think about, the work of Lot;
And then be freed from light-work not.

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