Thursday, October 20, 2005

lifes’ like that

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  • This seems a lot like the advice to be more like water and go with the flow instead of fighting everything.  Much of life is described in this piece, but for me, it’s missing an element I consider crucial:  Experimentation.

    To extend the “be like water” analogy, consider the physics of water.  A glass full of water can have many pins dropped slowly into it, each making the glass fuller so that it ouhgt to overflow, but it doesn’t.  This is because the water has surface tension - the attraction between the water molecules where they meet the air forms a bag that holds the deeper molecules inside.

    However, there is heat in the water that makes them bounce and jostle.  This is how they finally find a way out of the glass.  If a few find their way far enough out of that bag, they can form a trickle that will let a lot of water drain from above the rim of the glass.  This heat is like experimentation.  The only way out of some frustration is to experiment.  Experimentation teaches us and changes us.

    The idea that everything is “so clear” and “so easy and simple” is, to me, simply an illusion.

    I have noticed that people experiment without realizing that they’re doing it (often called “playing” or “messing around”), and I think that such behavior is instinctive and may be a good example of the key about which you have written.

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