Friday, March 22, 2013

Memories A Reminder Of The Past-A Poem

Category: Poetry/Lyrics

There have been many extraordinary moments in my life,
Magical moments that have taken my breath away
Strongly etched into my mind permanently
Becoming an integral part of my memory.

Memories that never seem to die
Are a constant reminder of the past
Stumbling and losing itself in a field of other memories
Finding its way into the wilderness of my mind.

Then I can roam through them in my own sweet time,
I can’t help but reflect on them now,
These moments that once existed between us,
Life was beautiful back then…..

We talked and laughed about so many things,
I can still remember the petty quarrels, without reason or rhyme,
These quarrels that are the little puzzle pieces of love
Which lasted until the early dawn.

Falling asleep exhausted, only to be awakened with a kiss
And the steam from a hot cup of coffee,
Moments where we kissed and made up passionately
Engulfing your body with my love as you engulfed me.

You made me to believe beyond belief
That a love such as ours had never existed before then,
That the world lay at our feet,
As it forever would.

I would leave your side, only to
Spend the day thinking of my return,
And it always seemed as time might stop
As I anxiously awaited that exhilarating moment

To be once again in your arms, wanting to know you better,
You were always as interested in my life as I was in yours,
Our love was so strong and seemingly permanent,
As we continued to dream on and on…

You promised that nothing would separate us,
Meaningless words tossed about in the wind,
Lost in the silence of the night, drowned in the tides of time,
Isn’t it amazing how time has passed us by so quickly?

There is no time to think of yesterday…
Ah, it’s such a pity that those moments will never return again,
The nights in remembrance remain only a memory
A fleeting, fading stain on time.

The apartment which we cherished, where I learned to love you
Is now empty of all we shared, filled only with my rejection,
And in spite of all the wrong that has happened,
No one has loved you or ever will love you like I love you.

If you only knew how much I miss those times
Those living moments that we shared together,
Those winds have ceased and no longer caress my shores,
Leaving solitude as my constant companion.

Love never lasts forever, once its gone it’s gone, and you, where will you be?
With whom will you share your laughter and your tears?
Who will love you as much as I have?
Who will caress you in the darkness?

Who will feel the pain of your love?
Who will you share your dreams with?
Sadly, there is little left to say.
Beware my love, there are many out there just like me.

Those that are also lonely, because there is always a chance.
A chance that someone else will take your place
Dreams? There are no more dreams to hold onto.
So if you really love me, it’s best that you return.

If you don’t, then why should I bother
Holding onto a love that isn’t shared?
I will let them float away, back to where they belong.
Let the waters flow and wash these bitter memories away.


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