Monday, February 21, 2011

Monkey Shines

Category: Humor/Satire


If people were like bonobos
Or so at least the story goes
We’d all live peacefully in trees
Eating fruit and picking fleas
But humans, filled with genes recessive,
Have evolved much more aggressive
Behaving more like chimpanzees
Driving rivals to their knees
Our aggression knows no bounds
In the air or on the ground
And if you think we’re not that simian
Just ask any Palestinian
Bombs and bullets on their heads
Drive them from their Arab beds
You see them on the evening news
Firing rockets at the Jews
Just another struggle sadly
A case of monkey’s behaving badly

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Old Comments

  • Excellent poem just what I was reading for!!! Would you mind can I publish “MONKEY SHINES” for my own blog site?

    Posted by Richard Dell  on  06/30  at  10:46 AM
  • Right, there can’t be any comparison with monkeys, they aren’t so agressive like us at least smile

    Posted by seo  on  07/01  at  07:47 AM
  • I think we can republish the poem on our own sites, Monkey Shines is a great poem!

    Posted by water coolers  on  07/05  at  09:12 AM
  • It’s fine with me if you want to re-print my poem. I’m not sure how Litmocracy feels about it. If you do reprint it, send me a link for my scrap book.


    Posted by tobiash  on  07/05  at  10:44 AM
  • Thanks Harris, great news for us! I’ll do the same thing, I think Litmocracy will agree with us.

    Posted by rutland hotel  on  07/06  at  11:47 AM
  • We do indeed rutland, we encourage such things.

    Posted by deminizer  on  07/07  at  07:07 PM
  • I just republished it, thanks a lot!

    Posted by skin care  on  09/14  at  10:10 AM
  • Posted it also, i hope it’s allright with such text..

    Posted by wrestling shoes  on  09/26  at  07:47 AM
  • Great rhythms!! Great writing. Simply beautiful. Thanks a lot! wink

    Posted by reefer jackets  on  10/03  at  01:21 PM
  • Awesome poem!! It’s GORG writing-simply great!! Love it and this lines seems to be interesting…...wink

    “Eating fruit and picking fleas
    But humans, filled with genes recessive,
    Have evolved much more aggressive”

    Thanks! wink

    Posted by Dog Beds  on  10/06  at  08:38 AM
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