Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Lives Sacrificed Than Lost

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I read in the news that the number of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq has gone over 3,000. That is more than the number of people killed in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

This count does not include soldiers that died in Afghanistan. The 9-11 attack is credited to Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban. American forces invaded Afghanistan to remove the Taliban from power (done) and capture Osama Bin Laden (not done). American forces then invaded Iraq to remove Sadam Hussein from power (done). It was believed that he was building weapons of mass destruction (not found) and sponsoring terrorism (not proven yet). Terrorism hasn’t gone away.

Our government has a habit of reminding us about 9-11 to justify our presence in Iraq. Have we paid a big enough price now that we have lost more lives trying to “stop terrorists” than we did when the terrorists attacked us on our own soil? Even now there are plans to send even more soldiers to Iraq.

The current fighting in Iraq is between two different religious factions. It is not a war of Americans versus Terrorists. Was it ever really that in Iraq? We have put ourselves in a position where we cannot win and it’s not the first time. We did the same thing in Vietnam.

I don’t care about winning or losing. My worry is that more lives will be lost. I believe the soldiers over seas, from all nations, are doing what they feel is right. I believe they are doing their best. I wish they were home and safe rather than dying on foreign soil.

It is beyond time to bring the troops home. Please don’t sacrifice more lives under the guise of avenging those that were taken.

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  • Canada is also in Afghanistan, and the entire thing seems awful to me.  (I normally don’t do this, but when the Canadian government under Jean Cretien declined to participate in moving against Iraq, I wrote a thank-you letter to the Liberal Party).  We know a couple of people in the Canadian military who’ve just left for Afghanistan.  We’re hearing about injuries and deaths more and more.  When people only lose a leg or an arm, it doesn’t get as much coverage, either.  I bet if we saw the stats on how many people have actually been (“only”) maimed in the course of all this, we’d be even more horrified.  I don’t care whether it’s a Canadian or an American soldier… I know they’re all very dedicated and brave, and doing their jobs.  That’s not even to mention the civilians in these countries. 
    I am unhappy with our current (Conservative) Prime Minister, who seems to choose his ties on the basis of whatever George Bush is wearing. 
    I don’t know what’s so “conservative” about war.  I liked it better when Clinton and Cretien were in power, when we worried about whether to take a “liberal” attitude about Clinton’s sex life.

    Posted by julianyway  on  02/13  at  03:16 PM
  • The good news is we, the US, get a chance to try again next year. I’ve never been to Canada but I hope to see it before I die.

    Somehow someway we are bound to learn that the excessive violence isn’t the answer.

    Posted by thetraveler  on  02/13  at  03:38 PM
  • Strange how everyone talks about the number of dead among “our” soldiers, and no account whatsoever is made on the number of deaths among the people of Irak… 

    9/11 was a terrible day, but it’s 9/11 every single day of the year for these people. Anyone mind that? 

    Who could ever believe that Democracy can be delivered with bombs anyway?

    Soldiers are not responsible, but Leaders are. We are too, when we vote for these Leaders and permit them to continue this massacre.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  04/12  at  12:16 PM
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