Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mrs. Buttercurl’s Red Rule

Category: Short Story
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  • <<“Excuse me? Say that again, please?” Everyone knew that she had heard him the first time, even above their noise, but they grew quiet for Caleb’s voice to rise alone>>

    I think this is a nice line. (“rise alone”)

    I just don’t understand why… she’s a horrible nasty thing, a nightmare teacher, and I don’t understand why she even has to exist. I put myself in the places of the children, and am horrified, and it’s not clear why. 

    What am I missing?

    It seems to me that this degree of nastiness requires some sort of justification. Maybe I’m missing the reason. 

    The story is effective, but it causes a certain unhappiness in me that isn’t explained or resolved. 

    (Not a good critic, just trying to say what happens as I read.)



    Posted by julianyway  on  03/01  at  11:37 PM
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