Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Worst Customer Service Experience

Category: People Power
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  • Hi,

    I am the manager of the restaurant you ordered these dishes from, and I remember speaking with Ling, who received your first call.  She also thought you had ordered something other than “Special Palace Curry Chicken” since, as you said on the phone, the problem was that “it was all skin.”  We checked the order and verified that what you had ordered was Special Palace Curry Chicken.

    Special Palace Curry Chicken has no meat in it, only the skin.  Chicken skin cooked in the spices we use before adding the curry is a delicacy in my province (you’ll not that the Special Palace costs a bit extra).  If you had tried the curry, I believe you would have been pleasantly surprised.

    I am sorry that I did not take the time to explain this to you over the phone when you called me the next day.  Perhaps you’d like to try one of our other delicacy dishes from my province.  I will explain what they are made from just in case you will also have a problem with them:

    1) Special Palace Beef Noodle - This is made from the large blood vessels of beef, stretched and dried under a coating of special spices.  They are then baked in rice flour, giving them a crisp outside while still retaining some texture on the inside.

    2) Special Palace Duck Soup - There is no duck in this dish.  We use an assortment of vegetable parts that are normally too tough to eat, but they are cooked over night and lose all resistance to the teeth.  Again, we use the Special Palace Spices to give them flavor.  The vegetables prepared this way are served in the same broth that duck soup contains.

    3) Special Palace Vegetable Delight - This dish is the same as #2, but instead of duck soup broth, we use the water from the Special Palace Chicken Curry.

    4) Special Palace Chili - This dish is delicious, but if I tell you what is in it, the government will close my restaurant.  I often have it myself, so don’t worry.  It’s a good one.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  12/23  at  11:34 PM
  • Dear Manager,

    Thank you so much for finally providing clarification of your menu.  I don’t suppose you serve fish lips and duck’s feet, do you?  I had that once in a restaurant in Vancouver, B.C. and it was unforgettable.

    Posted by julianyway  on  12/27  at  12:37 PM
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