Thursday, October 04, 2012

On The Road To Bimbombey

Category: Poetry/Lyrics

On the Road to Bimbombey

On the road to Bimbombey
I met a man along the way
One eye was blue and one was gray
He reminded me of a cloudy day

On the road to Bimbombey
I saw a man with a white toupee
He smiled at me with teeth of clay
I got scared and I ran away

On the road to Bimbombey
The merchant’s wares are on display
A nickle each for a fine parfait
I bought a tart from a silver tray

On the road to Bimbombey
I saw some little girls at play
They played tag and keep away
Their motions made a fine ballet

On the road to Bimbombey
The sun was beating at midday
I saw some piles of golden hay
And that is where my head I lay

When I awoke the sky was gray
My hair and clothes in disarray
I looked a sight that much I’ll say
On the road to Bimbombey




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  • I liked your title.  There is a touch of humor in the poem. I found it to be quite entertaining. A thumbs up on this one.

    Posted by 12mimi22  on  04/06  at  05:00 PM
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