Sunday, May 25, 2008

On Your First Birthday             (To Saral)

Category: Issue 10

This day
you crawled out into the world.
Along with the day’s light
you entered my life.
I chuckled at you;
you cried.

With your cry
you signed into
the book of sounds.

You blinked your eyes,
threw your pudgy
arms and legs into the air.

You slept through days,
weeks and months.
Got on your feet,
and toddled to the end of a year.

Today your first birthday,
I beam at you from miles away.
In solitude,
I have brewed some of my most loved words,
and baked a cake for you.
Wrapped in the
pink paper of emotion,
this cake
you will taste
years later.

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Old Comments

  • Nice work and welcome to Litmocracy.

    Posted by deminizer  on  05/25  at  03:17 PM
  • You got the emotion and beauty balance just right, the imagery is clean and crisp, and the subtle language is moving. Excellent poem.

    Posted by doprava  on  05/25  at  08:09 PM
  • I see the baby.  (!)

    Posted by julianyway  on  06/04  at  12:32 AM
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