Thursday, November 09, 2006

Spam Poetry


I call this Spam Poetry, because I wrote none of this, it was all taken from a single spam email. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but sometimes the nonsensical bits and pieces that they add to spam sometimes has a really lyrical aspect to it. I left it spaced like the email was when I received it, although the website didn’t take, so please check the connecting discussion post. I urge you to read it side by side, and to also treat it like 3 separate poems, reading it up and down as well. I think these are marvelous.

The incident fuller at the Molly Mansor and flowed of argues
the border in plainclothes left corn to tenthirty deepest in the tires
floor and ceil to player The slim of the apparatus bell
margin out into the spikes The guard notes
the holy chant flickering with the storm like
with Patan At least the want of junction lay
conquer. The piddling paused in its course
to do Rumanian to God. Switcher however
a swift clap of tender smote the sky
off with a a treasure dissonance Demons limited
to matrix Snow came hoppergrass with
ceremony and interspersed midst of a placing had suddenly
reactor mad in the if a High Priest bending but resolute
Grandfather Amprose sized a curve In palankin
if for battle the brethren heaped packing with gleaming
earns and trembling category the militant army of God
swept up nailer of the wash stairs mumbling
the ritual of the pain Infected posteriori by the fluid hysteria
liter angels Aubrey lizardfish of the polonez
compost at nortwood by the messner The edward chime
correspond to motion as beeper

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  • whoa, that’s schitzophrenic. No it’s not, it’s like how deep corrugations on a surface can present an even face at the sharpest point of the folds. I should know, I’m Indecision Man! Well, maybe not- I could be, but…Oh, the hell with it yes I am! I’m Indecision Man! Well… maybe not. Okay, it’s schizo.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  11/11  at  08:16 PM
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