Thursday, December 07, 2006

Stop Deprecating Yourself!

Category: Mind Change
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  • I’m trying to reconcile the idea that people need feedback, to/with the coolness of the immediate ability to be able to vote (and then see the results—almost like a Video Lottery Terminal!).  I guess a vote is SOME feedback, and better than none at all. Also, it’s immediate gratification, which folks like. 

    I like the way the site works now, because I do want to come back and vote on stuff that I read.  I don’t necessarily want(or feel qualified, or in the mood) to provide editorial comment, but the immediate voting capacity and the immediate results are cool.  And I AM reading the stuff, and I keep coming back. 

    I like the way we’re encouraged to do more than JUST vote.  I like the fact that people here seem to be open to comments. I even like the way I do, in fact (but not in a horrilbe way), feel somewhat guilty for not commenting more.

    I like the fact that someone can start a website, and that people can think about new things, get inspired, think about strangers, make new friends, just as a result of that. 

    I like this site.

    Posted by julianyway  on  12/22  at  02:46 AM
  • Damn. Typo.  “horrilbe”.  Aggghhh.

    Posted by julianyway  on  12/22  at  02:50 AM
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