Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Summer of ‘03

Category: Poetry/Lyrics

That was the summer
when we sucked ice-cubes like sweets -
harsh little luxuries,
darkening our mouths in defiance
against the spreading white heat of our blood.

That was the summer
when we became crepuscular creatures,
skittering about, brisk as deer, at dawn,
then melting into treacle puddles
and oozing our way through the afternoons,
spurred on by the promise of dusk
that dropped from the sky like a gift.

That was the summer
when your body heat became some kind of
magnetic repulsion (and doubtless, mine did too).
But the sun’s ferocity trapped us inside, together.
So we built a fort out of bed-sheets and boredom
where we ate mint-choc-chip ice-cream
and bickered about everything
and fell in love like children, chaste and fierce.

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