Monday, July 02, 2012


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Suppose I wanted to determine my own fate?

Suppose I didn’t want to wage war or acknowledge borders because some map or some book says so?

Suppose I woke up and decided how I wanted to raise my own family?

Suppose I didn’t want to support 400 million other people I’ll never know, and only supported those I chose to?

Suppose I was free…

I suppose that was what the forefathers wanted for me before they were mugged by history, and I was sold into slavery in the process…

But I suppose that’s okay, because the majority believes that slavery is the American way, and what’s one or two individuals who disagree after all?

What’s one more lynching in the history of a country built on gallows so long as the mob enjoys the hanging?

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Old Comments

  • “I’m going to determine my own fate,” Zorog hummed happily to himself, taking up his club. “I’m going to go and hunt down some of the so-called human children over there in the next so-called village,” he added,to his wife. “Get the cooking pot ready.”

    “Honey,” Mrs. Zorog remonstrated. “I know that they were delicious, but those primates across the river got really nasty last time you brought back their babies and had me stew them. Is it really worth it?”

    “Shut up, woman!” Zorog turned on her, brandishing his club. “I’m determining my own fate. And yours, too. Who’s going to stop me???”

    Mrs.Zorog flinched and stared fixedly down at the peas she was shelling. “Nobody, dear. Nobody is going to stop you at all.”

    Zogog nodded, satisfied. He squared his shoulders and set off in the direction of the river, casually swinging his club from side to side, knocking the heads off flowers as he went.

    “I wish they would invent a concept of human rights, and someone to enforce it,” Mrs. Zorog thought. “Mmph. Not in MY lifetime.”

    Posted by julianyway  on  07/08  at  10:24 AM
  • And when Mr. Zorog was unable to pilfer any human kidlings, he chucked Mrs. Zorog in the pot and made stew.

    Posted by deminizer  on  07/08  at  04:31 PM
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