Friday, June 03, 2011

The Big Question

Category: Poetry/Lyrics

All I ask, is that I get to march bravely, boldly into battle…

Just one time, to be the hero, to be the man, for my family, honor and friends…

All I ask, is that I do my part.

All I ask, is that I march and run for days at the hands of some deranged jock,
That I do things I’d never do to myself to prepare for my real duty…

All I ask is that I taste valor, that I see the bullet as it ricochets off of my collar bone…

That I taste the gurgle and blurble of dark blood as my life fades away on a useless patch of dirt,
No one I knew before I found my duty will ever see…

All I ask is that I die on a battlefield defending the honor and power of someone who will outlive me,
Who will never know the horrors of battle,
But who will give a grand speech to get re-elected off of the humidity that stinks of my blood…

All I know is that I see the bayonet as it pierces my flesh and punctures my lung,
As I struggle to breathe and swallow here in this killing field…

Dear God, now I know there is no such thing…

All I ask is for water…


And let my kids know…


When they lie to you and you die on a field in the middle of nowhere for nothing…

Water is thicker than oil and blood…

All I ask…




So sorry.


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