Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Return of Slackers Haiku’s

Category: Poetry/Lyrics
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  • 1) I’m off today.
    2) Beware: I think too much.
    3) Don’t waste too much time reading this.
    4) Well, at least you looked.
    5) We need more smart people to exploit.
    6) Supersize this!
    7) I’ll assume whatever you say isn’t true.
    8) I only assert lies.
    9) Monkey see, monkey buy.
    10) Watch TV or go to the gym?  Hmm…
    11) Buy me a donut; my pants are getting loose.
    12) Just keep talking, just keep talking.
    13) Let me be stupid, please.
    14) I can suffer better than you.
    15) Challenge activism: invest!
    16) Please think more quietly.
    17) I ask for your opinion so I can defy you.
    18) Conviction: a license to ignore reality.
    19) Waffle til you drop.  You’ll be right half the time.
    20) Don’t feel threatened, or else!

    Thanks Nordan.  As usual, your suggestion eventually gives me a helluva good time.  We should do this once every few months.

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  06/13  at  08:38 PM
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