Sunday, April 09, 2006

The World Hates Me

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  • You have inspired me!  ...

    I have found that in the worst of a person’s circumstances, there are moments of happiness.  Compartmentalization is the mental skill of ignoring information and memories and emotions that interfere with the thoughts or actions we wish to perform.

    A person who does not try to compartmentalize will not be able to recall any moments of happiness when depression is upon them.  They also will not get any better at compartmentalization.

    If you do try, you will succeed at least a little, and you will have access to pieces of the past that made you happy.  Use them to identify the things that make you happy.  This is tedious, difficult, and painful work for a depressed person, just like crawling toward a phone is for person with a perforated lung and a broken pelvis.  But compartmentalization helps them both see value in it.

    When you know what things make you happy, you can wait for them to show up again, or you can calculate how best to bring them to yourself and take action.  There is solace in both activities.

    Your other option is to forget about what makes you happy and the work you could do to achieve it.  Instead, you can concentrate on all the crap in your life.  This might make you feel worse, but it will bring people who love you closer and make them suffer enough to do that other work for you.  People will love you despite your painting of the world as a bleak and gloomy prison.  You get to choose how to motivate them to make you happy.

    Everyone gets sick of the grey.  Eventually, they leave it one way or the other.  It is risky to hang on to it.

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