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  • I totally agree.  I think the themes should be specific enough to really make people think - something that forces people to say “What DO I think about that?”  and “How do I express my opinion on it?”.  But not something so simple that everyone will write with the same emotion or tone.  Hhhhmmmm….....but what are some examples?

    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  06/19  at  02:30 PM
  • What, I am supposed to write the examples TOO?

    OK, here’s an idea.  Let’s have an entire issue devoted to, um, ME!  I’ll write all of the examples.  Everyone else is invited to politely sit this one out, although a certain amount of polite clapter (as we say in the biz) won’t go amiss. 

    Sorry, I’m just being silly—we had a death in the family just this last week and everyone is a bit punchy.

    Posted by julianyway  on  06/23  at  04:05 AM
  • OK here’s an example.  Dog in the Manger.  (I seem to be obsessed with dogs and will have to do something about this soon.) 

    I didn’t even like him.  But my friend Irene did.  She would get positively googley over him and would bring him up in conversations, in places where he had no business.

    “Katherine was stupid in Math today when her dress got caught up in her underwear,” I said to her, for one example, just a couple of days ago.

    “Yeah,” Irene said.  Then she got this dreamy expression on her face.  “Raj thought she was stupid too.  Did you notice the way he sneered at her?”

    The thing about it, what is bugging me, is that Raj didn’t sneer at Katherine.  I know, because I was watching his every move.  He was not sneering at Katherine.  He was looking at ME, trying not to let on how much he likes me.  He was trying to decide what I thought about Katherine’s dress being caught up in her underwear that way.  He was going to take his cues from ME. 

    He’s an idiot.  I can’t stand the way he drools over me, staring at me all the time.  And then, to make matters worse, there’s Irene, drooling over HIM.  Irene used to be my best friend.  I guess she still is, but she’s losing her mind.

    Posted by julianyway  on  06/23  at  04:19 AM
  • Second Example, heh

    Many Hands Make Light Work

    “It’s a battery-operated radio,” Joel said, getting progressively more annoyed.  “We can’t turn it into a LAMP.  It doesn’t even have any batteries in it.”

    Mike was onside.  “Listen, Brian, this just isn’t going to fly.  It’s a radio.  It won’t light up.  It draws radio waves.  That’s all it will do.  And it won’t even do that, because there aren’t any batteries in it.  They fell out of the boat when the giant dragon attacked us, remember?” 

    Brian, however, stolidly continued to investigate the light-producing possibilities of the transistor radio.  “Look,” he said, after one typically long pause.  “Stick your finger in here.”  He held the radio out towards Mike, battery terminals to the fore. 

    “Forget it!” Mike was getting agitated.  The whole thing seemed crazy to him and he could not believe it was happening at all.  This was supposed to have been a quick and easy mission down the creek in a rubber raft, in order to attain a badge in California Cadets.  He had only been trying to appease his father in the first place.  He had never had any interest in
    rubber rafting.  Being attacked by a giant dragon had not even crossed his mind.  Now they were stranded in the dark in a cave, like something out of a bad children’s novel.  Not only that, but they were stranded in the dark with Brian, who kept insisting that you could make a lamp out of a radio.

    Posted by julianyway  on  06/23  at  04:40 AM
  • We tried handing off a story once. Was cool. Maybe we should hand off the topic, paragraph length and specific. one person starts, another develops, so on.

    Until we have a specific and probably entertaining topic.

    Posted by deminizer  on  06/26  at  12:26 AM
  • I don’t know if you could make an entire issue out of that kind of thing but it would be a fun thing to try…

    Posted by julianyway  on  06/26  at  05:12 AM
  • Sure you could, it’s painting a theme like they do with comics for scenes on ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’

    Posted by deminizer  on  06/26  at  10:45 AM
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