Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whacked Injuns

Category: Poetry/Lyrics

Don’t tread on me!
The famous flag once read,
It symbolized hope.

It was a banner that warned despots,
Keep OUT! Stay away,
Or get BIT.

But it’s been a long time since a flag symbolized freedom
From tyranny.
True freedom.

Flags are what, really?
Dust ripples in time,
At best.

They foam and
bubble, spit,
Hisss-s-s-s venom…

People bleed and die for them,
Sing to them at school,
Pray to them at sports arenas.

But they do little else.

Stressed Indians,
aggravated hippies
burned flags, back in the day.

It’s how they signaled for help from oppression.
Distressed is what it meant,
To their own.

The forefathers burned a flag in distress,
But they called it

A flag’s just a flag,
These days, is what
it is.

A symbol of oppression
United in (under) force,
Nothing more.

The dollar ($) is a flag now,
worthless and weak,
a dust ripple in time…

Confederate American Nightmare…


Time to signal distress…



... or patriot act…

(there’s a funny one)

Let’s torch dis bitch and get it over with.
How much worse
Could it be?

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