Thursday, January 18, 2007

Couch and Blanky Blues (Dumpster Dive)

Category: Life Winners, Issue 6


A couch and a blanket
Ugly and sad
Lay in the dumpster
‘Cause they’d been had.
Used and abused, with their cigarette burns
Sweaty and hairy, from taking turns.

Nobody knew the trouble they’d seen
Or how hard they’d each kept trying.
Once, each one had been new and clean
A soft, fuzzy place for lying.

It wasn’t Couch or Blanky’s fault!
When did it get too late?
What did they do to offend so much?
When did love turn to hate?

As Couch and Blanky pondered this,
A soft rain began to fall
It brought out the odor of wet dog, and piss…
Then there came a bump on the dumpster wall.
A women peered over and spied them;
They started to get nervous as she eyed them.

“Hey Vince!” she hissed.
“Help me with this!
“The blanky matches the couch!
“If we wash the blanky and cover the couch,
We can throw our other, nasty ones out!”

Couch and Blanky were somewhat torn—
Metaphorically, too.
What they’d already been through
Shouldn’t have to be borne,
But there wasn’t a thing they could do.
Being just a couch and a blanky, they were yelpless;
They just kind of clung together, helpless.
So they didn’t even groan, or ask what for
As they passed through the door
Of their brand new home.

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