Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Dare We Contemplate Peace

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Dare we Contemplate Peace?

Peace in our time,
Could it ever be?
Will madness be gone?
Shall we ever see,
And hear a different sound?
Or are all words of peace,
Empty promises, of hollow sound?

Images haunt our minds,
Of the un-holy, and obscene.
Young ones, love burning;
Now seen to us, returning.
In body bags, of green;
Us with gut a-churning.

Can we imagine a day?
A new sun dawning.
Where wars are no more,
And thoughts of love, spawning.
With none having to pour,
Out our grief, and of mourning.

Imagine a day in time,
With no need of spear or gun.
Where we can live, as one;
With lives, of love and fun.
Of such a blessed rhyme,
Of a new worldly Zion.

Dare we imagine such peace?
Until that day, turmoil.
As young, brave souls till soil,
Continued hope, for war’s cease.
See our young, off to die;
We left here, nought but to cry.

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