Thursday, April 04, 2013

Darkness Or Light

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Darkness gathers all around;
And thus fear does abound.
For the blackened hearted ones,
Heaven’s used to make you run;

In directions that you think. 
But your soul will surely sink; 
When you face a cold void deep; 
Something you’ll not wish to keep.

Face toward the lights that shine;
And for that your heart must pine. 
For pretenders have no feel;
But emptiness inside the peel.

Appreciate the beauty there; 
But don’t mix that with the despair;
That awaits when beauty fades; 
And your tears will form cascades.

Don’t be duped by darkened one,
Who takes such pleasure in the fun;
Of using you,then cast aside; 
Your used, abused and shattered hide.

Beware the Angel of the Night;
Who tricks you with deceptive light. 
Look through his tricks and empty words; 
That will but draw, the carrion birds.

For just as sure as fallen Satan; 
Dark awaits your sweet temptation. 
Look towards the one true light; 
And leave the darkness, out of sight.

Rebuke him with your every word; 
Break the chain, decline the curd. 
Be polite and pass him by;
For him to match, you must be sly.

Hand him not your precious soul;
Drink you not from poisoned bowl. 
Show him the direction home, 
And leave him standing on his own!

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