Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Massah,

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Mr. President,

You and I are different, that is a fact. But it is not for the reasons you
so often cite, and so often mock. It’s not because you’re African American, or
because your skin color is different than mine either. It’s not because
our ideologies are different, because you’re a Liberal or because I’m a
Conservative. It’s because you think you’re better than me, and because
you think you’re better than the rest of the American public, regardless
of skin color or political ethics. If they EARN a dollar, you think you are better than them, and that separates us.

We are different because you think that you can take a large portion of
the money I earn, and the money that others earn, and do with it what you
think is right as you see fit when it suits you, because according to you,
we’re not smart enough to handle our own earnings. Even though you waste every dime you take. How is Social Security faring these days?

What really separates us is that you think that it’s just fine to operate on our dime. Imagine if I went down the street and told the man that owns the Velvet Cafe, I want 20% of his earnings, and if he doesn’t give it to me, the full weight of the American military and justice department would come down on him.

They would call me a Mafioso. A wiseguy. But I’m not a thug, so that’s another reason why we’re different. I am not a 2 ton thief. If they did “give” me their money, because they voted for me (or abstained and I was voted in anyway and their money was still taken), imagine if I used it to persecute my neighbor because he kept parking in front of my house. That is what the IRS, under your watch, just did to the Tea Party.

Then, imagine, if I was charged with safeguarding the neighborhood as the
price for the money I took from my neighbors, that I blamed a break in
next door on a bunch of kids playing hopscotch out on the street. That
would be this Benghazi mess. No Mr. President, you are not like me, or
like my neighbors. And that is not because of the color of your skin or
the partisanship of your actions, or even your religious beliefs. Me and
my neighbors could give a damn less about any of that. All we want to do
is earn a living and be left alone to make our lives and our families’
lives better.

You are different because you are not like the majority of us citizens, the ones that actually make this country what it is, you are different because you are just like your predecessors who killed the ideals of America. You are different from us because you are just like Nixon and Wilson and Roosevelt and George W. You have lied and manipulated your way to power and you will do anything to keep it, and that includes screwing all of us that helped put you there, even the ones that helped by not partaking of the system.

You are different from me because you have no soul, and you would gladly
admit that for a few more years in office.

You are different from me because you have whored out the highest office
in this land.

You are different from me because you need to utilize power to justify
your existence, and you do so at the expense of even those who voted you
into office.

You are different from me because you have chosen to be a slave master,
not because of anything life has dealt you.

You are different from me, and for that, I am thankful.

Don Eminizer

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