Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Discovery as I Freed the Dog Again!

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Last month I had freed a homeless dog  from the recklessness of somebody who had tied a plastic cord around the dog’s neck. The past weekend, I found that the poor thing, with a sweet and loving nature, had again been tortured in identical manner. Instead of plastic cord, this time it was a line of cloth tied around her neck after been tightly wrapped twice and then knotted.  So it was time to act again!

I spotted the dog on Saturday, in the evening, while returning to my residence. Her neck showed the line tied around it. I felt bad, slightly angry as well, over the constant abuse of homeless dogs. And this was happening to this poor thing at least twice. I got the same pair of scissors from my place that I had used earlier the free the dog, and was out on the mission. Of course, I didn’t forget to take some bread along to feed it a little.

This time, I found the humble thing lying curved as a light-gray cookie out in the open on the nearby plot that has so far escaped any construction work on it and has a few heaps of tree branches, twigs, and stems scattered along the sides of the walls surrounding it from almost three sides. I called her through clicking my tongue, and cut the line off her neck while she ate the loaves of bread I had dropped to her. And then I made the big discovery. Her little ones came out like crawling from under the heaps of twigs and branches. 

I had seen already a week or so earlier that she had become a mom while I saw her by the roadside in daytime. But I didn’t know where and how many pups she had. But now the act of freeing her allowed me to see the happiness in her life – her very own kids, three of them (I am not sure if these were all she had) that are some three to four weeks young.

Next day, as rain started and continued intermittently for about 20 hours, I found the chance to take bread to the dog and pups. The cute pups snuggled together under the cover of tree branches and twigs, like a natural home for them. I take the bread to them once daily. The mom dog has by now recognized me as a friend and welcomes me with jumping and wagging tail on seeing me. The pups barked at me in their cute little voice the first time they saw me. But now they just come out silently and go straight to the bread. It’s a happy little family in a crazy city where neither animals nor poor humans are safe from cruelty and neglect. Just hope this family will stay safe from human abuse, cruelty, and accidents.   

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