Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Duct Tape

Category: Issue 17

You know that duct tape is the strongest thing that sticks,
And there’s hardly a thing that it can’t fix.
I used it on a rickety ladder
That’s stronger now and doesn’t clatter.
Got a muffler that won’t stay up?
Get some duct tape and you’re in luck!
I had a shower head that sprung a leak,
I used some tape and now it’s complete.
I used it on a vase that shattered,
Now it works (though it does look tattered).
I used it on a broken shoe,
That stuff’s better than ANY glue!
I used it on an aging chair
That now looks funny but it’s still there.
Everything that needs some care
With some duct tape I will repair.
What? Your baby has diarrhea today?
Give me five, I’m on my way!!!


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